Our Journey:

This is where it all begins—a journey of passion, purpose, and persistence. The creation of Thousand Generations has been one of the most thrilling and challenging adventures of my life. It marks a significant step away from the corporate world and into the realm of dreams and aspirations. Like any journey, it has its share of excitement and apprehension.

Why Thousand Generations:

The catalyst behind this journey was a profound desire to belong to something greater than myself. The anticipation of welcoming a new life into the world, my child, shifted my perspective. It kindled a fire within me, urging me to find my true purpose and passion. Like many of us, I've stumbled along the way, living without a clear vision, day by day.

Having a child served as a wake-up call, inspiring me to be a more present and inspiring father. My mission is to create a community, a tribe, where fathers like you and I can expand our horizons, break free from self-imposed limits, and provide support to one another in our journey of building a legacy that transcends generations.